Wednesday, November 19, 2008

noko gifts ideas: moms!

still no snow, but you can't help but feel like the holiday season is around the corner. between gearing up for the holidays at the store and at home, i've been keeping busy.

my mother always seems to be the hardest person to buy for, considering she has everything she really wants (i mean, she has me, right?!). if i could, i would send her to turkey for a month (but really, if i could afford it, i'd be on the next flight out). so instead, here are a few gift ideas i've been thinking about for my mom, and maybe your mom might like them too:

ashley watson agenda, $120
for the mom on the go.
brave brown bag madi in vintage red, $160.
these bags are perfect for carrying around books, or even for saturday mornings at the farmers market.

nokomis apron, $44.
only because she'll look so cute in it while baking, though my dad usually does the cooking!

lily and jae broadway blouse, $135 with a nokomis budapest skirt, $98.
an adorable day to day outfit, while still looking sharp and professional.

anna zygonski hand painted scarf, $140.
not only a practical garment, but a piece of art as well.
preloved norelle sweater, $125.
a lovely practical version of a cute dress for mom. cozy and warm!
nokomis cloche hat, $72.
this also comes in black and a light blue.

allison wonderland neck tie coat, $245.
who are we kidding, this will make you mom look hot!!!

refine leaf tension earrings, $60.
delicate and light enough that she won't even notice wearing them.

we'll have more photos and ideas for you each and every wednesday before the holidays. see you next week!

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