Friday, November 21, 2008

thanks for coming out!

last night we held our customer appreciation party at the store, celebrating with cookies, hot apple cider, wine, discounts and other delights. i like to think of it as a treat yourself kind of evening. some great friends came out and we had a blast watching them try on clothes, chatting about how everyone should really be buying christmas gifts (but self-gifts are important too right?!) and eating yummy treats.

we also decided to get together with some of our 'sister businesses' in the city and offer prize draws. we were lucky to have some fab gifts donated from cafe mosaics, lux beauty boutique, shanti hair therapy and the lovely eden lily, who made up the bouquets you see above. it was nice to be able to give something back to the customers who have given SO! much to us over the years.

here's the store within the first few minutes of the party, everything laid out nicely and everyone feeling peppy and ready for action.

here's our doorman raymond. i'm a big fan of this guy....have i mentioned?

what's that jessica? only 10 more minutes till we get to start drinking wine? a-ok, you're the boss.

amelia and sara were the last ladies to leave for the evening. sara got the great hat she's wearing in this photo and amelia bought the nokomis hms belfast dress in which she looks smokin' - no jokin'! (see what i just did there?)

aww, someone's sleepy. did he drink too much wine and eat too many cookies? so go the dangers of the job i guess.

thanks again to everyone who came out last night, we really appreciate you braving the bitter wind and stopping by for a visit. you're the reason we're here and we love getting to spend time with you.

xox, nokomis.

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