Friday, November 28, 2008


it's been a long week, but at least there are lots of fun times to be had this weekend. here are two events that i'd recommend:

pop by the 4th annual royal bison craft & art fair, 10-5 pm on both saturday and sunday. it's taking place just around the corner from nokomis (and the farmer's market), at 8426 gateway boulevard. it's just a twoonie to get in (and you can say 'hi' to elizabeth, who is usually working the door). there are always so many great vendors to see, such as nokomis's own Myrtle & Pearls, Nickelas Johnson and Cinder + Smoke, along with the talents of photographer Tara Dwelsdorf, artist Sean Borchert and, of course, illustrator Raymond E. Biesinger. you will also be able to find edmonton based magazines such as Display, Notebook, and the newest issue of Here & Noun.

then, once you're all done your errands: nokomis, royal bison, farmer's market, etc, i'd recommend a nap. you're gonna need one, 'cause saturday night is the Display Magazine launch party.

the studio girls have been excited about this party all week and so am i! i'm polishing up my dancing shoes, ironing my party pants and arriving early at the artery, as this is gonna sell out. local band field & stream are performing, followed by dj dance sets by Nik 7, Jaycie Jayce and Roland Pemberton III. it's ten bucks to get in, and with that you're helping the local publication get it's feet on the ground. see you there! xox.

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Victoire said...

ha ha, ironing your party pants, I love it!