Friday, November 7, 2008

who loves ashley watson? we love ashley watson!

.....and you do too i'd guess, seeing how quickly her beautiful recycled bags and wallets fly off our shelves as soon as we get them in store.

ashley watson is one of our very favorite canadian accessory designers. she handcrafts her one-of-a-kind leather products using exclusively recycled materials, allowing her to incorporate pre-existing garment features (pockets, seams etc.) into her designs. this makes each bag totally unique and completely different from any other--just part of the reason we love them so much.

ashley's bags are sturdy and classic. we love them for their intriguing shapes and clever details as well as their environmentally sound answer to fashion design. it's hard to go wrong when you pair amazing design with excellent quality and throw in a side of planet-lovin'.

we just received a brand new shipment of ashley's goodies earlier this week which included various purses, three different kinds of wallets as well as a couple daytimers/journals, which are new to our store. you'll have to come in to find the one you love best--if you can manage to pick just one. happy hunting.

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