Thursday, October 8, 2009


we recently got a few pieces from Sessa's fall collection. my favorite? the jessica skirt. yes, that's right, i got a skirt named after me. Tressa Heckbert, Sessa designer and owner of Meese, is the queen of skirts. many many moons ago, Tressa worked at nokomis (she once played the Peaches album 'Teaches of Peaches' during her saturday afternoon shift without realizing what it was, or what exactly Peaches was saying. i don't think the mom's that came to the shop that day were too impressed). anyway, i digress, my point is that besides working on the floor, tressa designed some pieces for the noko line, way back when it first got started. skirts were always her thing (anyone remember the gorey skirt?). so i was tickled pink to see her fall collection had such a beautiful skirt, and that it was names after moi.

Sessa Jessica skirt, $129

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