Thursday, October 22, 2009

ashley watson

i've spent many a nights lying in bed dreaming about the fall ashley watson shipment. i got my first ashley watson bag last fall, a black plover bag, and i think i'm ready to commit to a new one (in order to preserve my current one, i wear it every day and it's the dreamist bag a gal could ever wish for). but the problem with getting a new one is that you have to pick between all of the beautiful bags. it's a lot tricky than it may appear. find out for yourself:

tern bag, black, 370

phoebe bag, teal, 300

linnet bag, black, 400 (also comes in navy and HOT pink)

linnet bag, hot pink, 400

lark bag, black, 310

tern bag, fuschia, 370

small teal bag, caramel, 350

large plover bag, blue, 380

phoebe bag, brown, 300

finch bag, forest green, 420

lark bag, brown, 310

martin duffle bag, green-grey, 520

i think the teal bag in caramel and the phoebe bag in teal are my tops. oh, what's a girl to do?

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