Friday, October 23, 2009

the opera!

i'm going to the opera tonight! the edmonton opera is presenting rigoletto at the jubilee, and i have a date to attend. like any good opera, this one is full of lust, revenge and tragedy, or so i've heard. i'm really excited to go, it's something that i have always wanted to do, but i haven't a stitch to wear! last night tara and i picked out a few outfits that might be 'opera appropriate'.

LNE anemone dress, 198
biko movement necklace, 69
noko vintage shoes, 25 (in all photos)

dace wild card dress, 249

dace annabelle dress, 240

dagg and stacey molly aster dress, 250

i'm sure i won't make up my mind until 5 minutes before the store closes tonight, but i do think they are all stellar choices. wish me luck!


nokomis said...

p.s. i went with the wild card dress and had a WILD night, har har.

Tala Kamea said...

good choice Jess, though you looked hot hot hot in all of them!

how was Rigoletto? i'm personally not a fan of that one...

nokomis said...

yeah, it was a weird one, i didn't feel for the characters. i enjoyed the set a lot though. i'm sure there are better opera's out there, but it was a fun experience over all.