Monday, October 5, 2009

more mittens!

we got in the noko winter set of ollie mitts and urchin toques this weekend, and they're already flying out the door. the ollie mitts, $46, are a double layered mitt designed to keep your fingers warm all winter. the hat, $34, is a gathered slouch toque, available, like the mitts, in three colours:

black, with purpley-pink ink

charcoal, with a light blue ink

rust, with cream ink

the fabric, an acrylic and wool blend, was bolt printed with the map silk screen from the cabot dress. bolt printing means the fabric is laid out on the table, printed, and then we cut the pattern pieces out. it means each piece is different; some are more subdued, well others are more vibrant. you get to pick the one that's perfect for you! xox.