Saturday, October 10, 2009


the long awaited pyrrha shipment arrived in the shop:

bronze 'anchor' seal, $118. the anchor is a symbol of hope and the seal reads: still have hope.

silver 'carpe diem' multi bangle, $244. reads: carpe diem

silver 'gazelle', $196. the gazelle is a symbol of grace and gentleness.

bronze 'two wings', $118. represents swiftness and intelligence.

silver 'luck & protection', $90. the wings represent protection and the horseshoe represents luck.

silver 'leopard crest', $192. means: a sound conscience is a wall of brass. this denotes innocence, the leopard is a symbol of a valiant and hearty warrior and the helmet signifies invulnerability and strength.

silver 'fox head' bangle, $176. the fox head represents someone who will use all of their wit and wisdom in their defense.

lots more in the shop too.

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