Wednesday, October 7, 2009

the times they are a changin'

perhaps some of you have heard whisperings of changes afoot at nokomis, whether from our own mouths or others it's true: we're growing up, and with age comes transition.

jessica and i spent a lot of time this summer talking about nokomis, our dreams for the future, both personal and professional, and how we could get the most out of our business and our lives in the short term. you see we've basically been working non-stop for two years which, as anyone who's spent so much time and invested so much emotionally in anything can tell you, we were beginning to get burnt out. we knew we wanted to restructure our business and we knew that we needed more balance in our lives so we came up with some solutions that worked well for both of us.

after numerous conversations, copious amounts of orangina and many, many (many) slices of prosciutto (but really, who's counting?) we agreed that now is the perfect time for us to really focus on our passions. for jessica this means pouring her heart into nokomis the store, where she got started seven years ago, and embracing the chance to give it her full attention without distraction. for me this means finally pursuing a number of projects that i've been unable to begin because of constraints on my time and demands on my creative energy.

unfortunately for you, dear reader, this means that we're closing production of the nokomis houseline and that fall 2009 will be our final collection. this was a really hard decision to make as our clothing line has been my baby for the past five years, but it was the right choice for us. after a short period of mourning, we're feeling relaxed and happy and i think both jessica and i are truly excited about what the future holds.

another thing this means is that, because i've chosen to delve into my new pursuits full time, i've decided to become a silent partner in jessica's and my business. of course this doesn't really mean anything to anyone but jessica and i besides the fact i won't be around the shop all the time anymore. however i'll probably just end up hanging out there all afternoon anyway like some delinquent kid. oh, and i'll feel free to get totally drunk at our parties too, woo-hoo! anyhow, from now on jessica is acting honcho.

jessica and i have been so lucky to accomplish some truly amazing things in recent years and i'm sure our future collaborations will be just as successful. as always thanks so much for supporting us as we learn and grow; we really do have the best friends and customers two girls could ask for. oh, and in case anyone is wondering, YES, i am free for lunch. dinner, lunch, tea, brunch, me! and if you ever need an elizabeth-fix feel free to visit my sis and i at our blog, persuasion.


Ana said...

I'm a bit sad and also happy for you guys. I've been going to Nokomis for, er, 5-6 years now, so I have a fair collection of Nokomis' houseline.

Thank you for all your hard work and the wonderful lines. My body hugs them all the time.

Mary Judith said...

Elizabeth, I will miss the unique vision expressed in your creations. I think I have half of the Fall collection in my closet, it's that wondeful! The Noko line was my hands-down fave at the store. Is there a new line in the works for your loyal customers to anticipate? All the very best in your endeavors :)

elizabeth said...

Hi Mary Judith and Ana, many thanks! I will certainly be working on a new line, though it may be a year or more before it hits stores. I'll keep my blog updated with my progression.

xo, eliz.

Victoire said...

xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo for life!!!!!

Anonymous said...

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