Tuesday, July 28, 2009

marco & lili

our fall collection is all about exploration and invented histories. old records and northern adventure. we're receiving more pieces in the shop all the time (we're expecting a ton this week) and just yesterday our friend henry shipped us out the finished lili tunics and marco polo tops.

these are two of our favorite shirts for fall, both so wearable in different ways. the lili tunic is a cozy, slinky basic, bound to look amazing over coloured tights with worn-in boots and a vintage cardigan, as jessica pointed out. the marco polo top, made from a double-layered midweight cotton, is a sailor-inspired cover-all, perfect for belting over a tight skirt or wearing loose over your favourite jeans. come on down and try one on.

nokomis 'lili tunic', $109

nokomis 'marco polo top', $118


Anonymous said...

loving the marco polo top - beautiful!

nokomis said...

thanks buddy.
i'm wearing it right now and it's c-o-m-f-y!

Sara said...

i want a marco polo top!