Wednesday, September 15, 2010

noko night!

at the beginning of the month we had a little noko staff party, a happy birthday kaitlin and jessica, goodbye maegan, kind of party. it was a friday night, so the plan was to eat a little pizza and then go check out the comedy club on our block. sounds fun, huh?

(emilia is winking AT YOU!)

our darling kristena surprised me with this yummy, jessica-friendly (read: wheat/dairy/soy free) cake!

and, if you know me, your average type A, virgo, you would know that i just HAD to throw a few games in there too. we started the night (after a few glasses of wine) with twister.

maegan didn't last very long (neither did kristena)

the last two! jill eventually kicked emilia's ass.

next up: pin the tail on the donkey. kaitlin was first up, and, i'll admit, i was a little cruel. after 20 spins, i set her off in the wrong direction.

but she eventually found her way

and even got pretty close!

emilia nailed it!

maegan got a little lost

and jill got up nice and and close

gosh, she's cute.

in the end, emilia won the prize for pin the tail on the donkey, but she lost for keeping cake off her clothes. at this point, maegan threw a fit, and demanded she get another shot at the prize. i told her if she pinned the tail on the donkey, she'd get it. but if not, she'd have to lick the floor. she was game: TOTES!

i actually set her off in the right direction this time, but she didn't believe me. after a lot of farting around, she figured out she was getting closer.

she was the one that created the 'no touching' rule, but apparently feet didn't apply. we were also really cruel (again) and once she put the head scarf on, we flipped the donkey on her.

and she still managed to get it! and being the good sport that she is, she decided that even though we all said she could have the prize, she would still lick the floor:

WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH, MAEGAN. and we're going to miss you big time. good luck with your semester and we'll be seeing you at christmas. thank you so much for always entertaining us, making us laugh and just being the positive, energetic being that you are. your spirit will be missed. and i am praying every day that you will come back to edmonton next summer once you are done school in victoria.

after we wrap up the festivities at the store, we gather our stuff and head over to the laugh shop. we figured even if the comedian sucked, we'd still have a great time. fun, yes? uh, as it turns out, the comedy club on whyte ave is closed! booooo hissss.

so we headed back to the shop for more wine and hangouts! turned out to be a lovely evening!


Tala Kamea said...

Gosh darn it this whole Noko crew is so damn good looking! Lovely photos, looks like my kind of party!

Emilia said...

Ah! Let it be known that I will try with all my best efforts to NEVER make that strange duck-lipped, winking, face scrunch again. Apologies to blog readers.