Monday, September 20, 2010

montreal gazette

hey, check out this article in the montreal gazette (or edmonton journal or calgary herald) this past saturday, called 'Don't Discount a Career in Retail', featuring me! Here's my part:

Jessica Kennedy, owner of Nokomis Clothing in Edmonton, was entrepreneurial enough to buy her own fashion store at the age of 26. She admits she had her eye on being a buyer for a high-end retailer, but after taking a course in fashion management, she wanted to do more behind the scenes. With her own store, she says she gets to work with many of the country's up-and-coming independent designers. "I love visiting their studios to learn what's new and give them feedback on how things are selling."

The "joy of the job," as she puts it, is that she gets to do something different every day. "I'm not just a buyer. I do the marketing, planning, advertising, hiring, training, bookkeeping -I even clean the bathrooms! Every day is completely different. It's such a treasure because nothing gets boring. And I get to have a really great wardrobe. My closet is packed full."

I think my grandma is going to be very proud! I'll send her a clipping this week!


Emilia said...

Yay, Jess! :)

supayana said...

Hi Jessica!!! Heheh I was reading the Gazette at my friend's place (he gets a weekly subscription) and I was staring at the article for like...a minute...thinking "hmmm this girl looks so familiar. I don't understand!". Then I read the caption and it was you! :-D I love that. Congrats on the was great!

elizabeth said...

Fancy pants! Makes me think I should pick up a newspaper once in awhile.
iiieeeeee! only 8 more sleeps till you're here.

Nicole said...

Yah! Proof – we can do what we love and make a living doing it. Great job. I haven't seen the article yet but we have all the papers at work so I will search for it.

Anonymous said...

just read it good work! see ya soon.