Thursday, September 30, 2010


The room is all painted, and now to just move everything in!

i started with the silk screening table top. this gem has been with noko for eons, and i was thrilled to have her back in our basement.

and this table was from my grandma and grandpa's. just needs a coat of paint and it's ready to go!

next up, standard ikea purchases:

this shelf became home to the noko silk screen frames. they had been hiding out in my basement, so i lugged them back to the store:

and onto the shelves:

lastly, the ikea dressers were my new table legs, so i just hoisted the table top up, and voila, silk screening table:

i forgot to take an after shot of the green/yellow table, but you can see it in the above photo on the right.

and now the silk screening in built. next phase: silk screening!


elizabeth said...

Fantastic! Wish the old screening studio looked this great.


Ana said...

Hey girls! It's Ana. I've been creeping the interwebs and your friend of the Ursa Minor label said she's sending some o' this your way:

Er, if it's not out of your way, could you tell me if/when it comes into your store sooooo I could, possibly, get one?

<3 Love love,


PS: Look at me stylin' the Complex Geometries Binder tee ( I've gotten soooo many compliments. <3

Victoire said...

Can't wait to see what you do!! We need Noko screenprints in our shop too. We miss them soo :(