Wednesday, September 22, 2010


as i mentioned this summer, i have started silk screening in the basement. i'm sill trying to master bag fabric, it's coming along slowly. i just signed up for a class at SNAP Gallery, so that should help speed things along. (they need two more participants for the class to run, so sign up! it'll be barrels of fun.)

we have a full basement below the shop, and it's always been kind of a dumping ground for old stock, fixtures, racks, fabric, cardboard and the like. there are two main rooms, one which stock is kept, and one in which we used to ship out stock when we had our house line. my plan was to convert the old stock room into the silk screening room and the old shipping room into the new stock room. but in the last 6-8 months there were both completely unusable. like, when you have one path that you can walk thru the room, but that's it. one path, where you need to walk sideways down just to get thru the mess. my mom started helping out at the shop, and we spent two solid days clearing out the rooms, packing things off to the goodwill and the eco-center. and voila:

this is what the room formerly known as the stock room looked like at the end of our two days.

there were still lots of tubs of american apparel stock and hangers, but maegan and i throw those into the mens bathroom, and we were ready to rock and roll.

i am the messiest painter alive. it wasn't until 6 weeks after this photo was taken that my hair was officially paint free.

we also cleaned out the back stairwell, which hadn't been done in the three years since we moved in. once the garage was cleared away, look at what we found:

the biggest worms ever! man, they were huge!

after! a coat of white paint can work wonders. just wait! more to come!


Anonymous said...

i am very excited about this. making things is so satisfying for your soul.

supayana said...

so exciting jessica! wow, that coat of paint really transformed the place...