Friday, September 24, 2010

anna de courcy treasures

anna de courcy pine cone necklace, 30 inch silver chain, 220

also available in:
22 inch silver chain, 200
30 inch silver anchor chain, 260
18 inch 10K gold chain, 260

anna de courcy 20 inch curb chain with victorian pocket watch chain and a 1836 sterling coin, 300

anna de courcy 1826 pocket watch chain bracelet with 1916 coin, 400

anna de courcy 26 inch sterling graduated chain necklace, 400

also available in a 32 inch for 440

i have the 40 inch graduated chain necklace:

and i don't think i will ever take it off. one of the most stunning pieces of jewelry i have ever owned, and so wearable at the same time. it looks amazing with other pieces, such as my pyrrha gazelle pendant, on a 30 inch chain. i love that anna can make such delicate pieces and such bold, hip-hop-ish pieces too, and they can all work so well together. they are definitely 'investment' pieces, as i call them, but this beauty will be around my neck (or in my jewelry box) until the day i die.

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Anonymous said...

that graduated chain is gorgeous! definitely a piece to treasure forever! xoxo allison