Thursday, September 23, 2010

ready . . . set . . . go

as promised, megan of giraffedactyl dropped off more goodies the other day. kristena and i swooned over every single piece. we also begged her to make more of the beautiful coat she was wearing. i might have even jumped up and down, i was that excited.

but onto her current pieces. i'm posting them asap this time, so i don't have to tease you with pieces that you can't buy. these are all for sale, but they will find homes soon, so if anything peaks your interest, pop on by the shop. and remember they are all one of a kind (okay, one below, as noted, is two of a kind).

giraffedactyl one of a kind flannel tunic, 108

giraffedactyl one of a kind cardigan, 96

giraffedactyl one of a kind top, 52

giraffedactyl two of a kind top, 52

giraffedactyl one of a kind tunic, 154

this tunic slays me, its so pretty. i see it with black tights, and brown or black boots. though cream tights would be just as amazing. if no one takes this one home in the next two weeks, this one is mine. the clock starts ticking now!

heart & hum! xox.

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