Friday, June 1, 2007

Army Dreamers

It's 28 degrees outside and we're just waiting for our air conditioner to blow the breaker, its favorite hot-weather trick. That will signal the true start of summer for us. Todays soundtrack is queen Kate, Pink Floyd and Maria Callas. Maybe Blondie. We're working on all sorts of beautiful things, Genevieve's sewing up a bunch of recycled leather and printed-leather bags and purses. Laurel's working on screen designs for Fall fabrics and I'm mostly staring out the window and organizing Fall production. I've been living in my Nokomis Kitty tank for the past few days and am going to wear dresses, dresses, dresses all weekend. Dresses and coconut oil. And beer (but hopefully I won't be wearing that).
Keep checking the store this weekend and next week for new bags and t-shirts--we've got some delightful new prints and updated favorites.

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