Friday, October 19, 2007


Elizabeth and I were in LA this week at a textile trade show. We were looking for fabrics for fall 08 (kinda crazy, huh?) and found some amazing stuff! We also went to a jobber, someone who has fabric on hand, rather than ordering it from a mill. It was this big 2 story warehouse packed full of bolts of fabrics.

We had a good time wondering around in the fashion district, mainly cause it was right next to the flower district. It smelled so lovely, and there were some crazy floral arrangements too, check this one out:

As well, here is a travel tip for all of you. Read the fine print when booking rooms. We stayed at the Standard hotel downtown LA, which, if I would have read carefully, has glass showers. Here is a picture of Elizabeth, in the bathroom, which you can see isn't very private. Whoopies.

Anyway, we're hope happy to be home. Elizabeth is designing the fall 08 line and I am, well, doing paperwork, but that can be fun too . . .

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