Wednesday, January 19, 2011

deals galore

9 Days Left! Super Deals!

Things are almost wrapping up at Nokomis! We only have 9 days left, so please come by and help us out. We have lots of beautiful pieces left, and they have all been drastically reduced (again).

Tops: $15-$89

Dresses: $49-$99

Pants: $19-$99

All bags have been reduced by 50-60% off

All jewelery 40-70% off

(pyrrha too, you ask? why yes! we have 20 pieces left so hurry over!)

As well, we received a few *brand new* pieces from local sweetheart Cinder + Smoke, which will be reduced by 25%!


Wednesday 19th-Friday 21st: 11-7 pm

Saturday 22nd: 10-6 pm

Sunday 23rd: 12-5 pm

closed Monday-Wednesday

Thursday 27th: 11-7 pm

Friday 28th: 11-7 pm

Saturday 29th: 10-6 pm

Sunday 30th: 12-5 pm

Give me a ring or shoot me an email if those hours don't work for you, and we can set up an appointment to get you in the shop. and please come and grab your grannies too! xox.


Tala Kamea said...

Aww, you should post more photos of things still in the store so I can shop from here... :(

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