Thursday, April 24, 2008

And so it begins

Well, I'm sick of long pants and sensible shoes and tights. I could do without coats and toques. Warm mittens--psh, so over them. I don't want to carry any more bags to keep my indoor shoes in and I certainly don't want anymore of winter boots. In fact, I'm over winter altogether. Bring on the frivolous footwear and summer playsuits!

In an effort to preserve our sanity till the time comes when we can dress up in real life, we're working on an imaginary dress-up project at the studio, choosing one piece we want to own from our store (in my case Eve Gravel's feather-print pullover) and imagining a perfect outfit around it. This is my walking down the avenue with my hubby to the farmer's market outfit. It's a July outfit, a lazy morning outfit, possibly a hangover outfit, a giant coffee in hand and swinging my purse and flirting outfit.

Can't you just see me now?

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Anonymous said...

who is the designer behind that brilliant black fringe bag and where can i find it?!