Wednesday, April 30, 2008

i want to ride my bicycle... in this!

The added hours of sunshine and hints of green vegetation are telling me it's finally time to emerge from my winter den.
My thoughts immediately turn to my beloved bicycle and all of the outdoor adventures that are just around the corner... Time to get these pale legs out of jeans, into a cute pair of shorts, and start peddling! This is my dream outfit for a lazy morning ride over to my favorite cafe for an epic brunch outside in the sunshine. I can just imagine riding over the bridge with my 'myrtle & pearls' feather earrings streaming behind me as I race the pigeons who make their nest in the girders.
I adore easing into my day with coffee, newspapers, magazines, & the perfect pair of sunglasses. After brunch I will be sure to pop into my favorite book & antique stores until it is time for my friends and I to meet up in the river valley for a leisurely game of bocce (the only sport i'm good at!). It will undoubtedly last until dusk, so my satchel will have to be large enough to fit a cardigan (like this sweet 'cocoon' cardi by paperbird) and a bottle of wine...
Is there anything more perfect than being with those you love while the music & laughter mingles with the warm summer air?
I cannot wait...


Anonymous said...

Umm where are all those things from?!

( for your last post too)

Could you please have a list of all the sweet places your finding these things?


Anonymous said...

the feather earrings & cardigans in both can be found at nokomis...

(the rest are our 'dream' items we've stumbled upon while thinking of spring.)

Interiors Illuminated said...
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