Friday, February 26, 2010

birds of north america

hayley, the lovely and talented designer of birds of north america, shipped us some spring goodies! kristena had to try them all on immediately, of course, and i think i'm going to take my turn today! check out these beautiful dresses:

caspian tern dress, stripe 154

comorant skirt, black 154
plover dress, black 184 (and it would look lovely with ashley watson's plover bag!)

rock wren dress, green pattern 195

isn't this one pretty! it slays me! willet dress, blue 184

i'm just about to open up our first box from body bag. i'll try to post pictures of the teasures, alogn with our new bag line: Hoi Bo! three cheers for spring! also: heads up, you might want to leave March 11 open, from say 4 to 9 pm. just saying.

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Janis said...

I'm drooling for the rock wren dress!