Friday, February 19, 2010

millicent jewelry

we recently received new jewels from the apple of my eye, miranda watson. miranda, who used to spend all her days here at nokomis, has started making jewelry under the label Millicent. Check out her blog: to see what she has been up too. Adeline took photos of a few of Miranda's new pieces:

'Not Your Curtain Tassel" earrings, 54

'Daydreaming" necklace, 79

'Bird on Chain' earrings, 54

'Musing Stevie' necklace, 79

'Merging Mirage' necklace, 79

in total we got in 9 neckalces, and 5 earrings (all tassels!). all earrings are 54 and necklaces range from 59-79. i hope you love them as much as i do!

also, was this anyone elses favourite book?

1 comment:

Millicent said...

i love you guys so very very much.
also, i totally have a mini version of that book at home.