Thursday, February 7, 2008

Nokomis Spring '08

suzy who, eyelet for $198.

suzy who, mustard wallflower for $179.

maltese dress, mud eyelet for $164.

maltese dress, robin's egg eyelet for $164.

dorothy dress, black for $138.

dorothy dress, cloudy sea for $138.

pony top, teal for $79.

pony top, stormy cliff for $79.

dot top, yellow for $108.

dot top, black for $108.

kitty dress, teal for $110.

kitty dress, stormy cliff for $110.

fancy fanny, aqua leather for $140.

bonzai bag, black leather for $144.


Anonymous said...

I am in love, in love, in love with the black dorothy dress. I live in Toronto but frequently visit Ottawa, do you know if it's available at Dace? If not, can I order one directly from you?


Anonymous said...

Oops, I have Dace clothing on the mind as well. I meant do you know if it's available at Victoire in Ottawa?

Thanks :)