Friday, February 22, 2008

Oh what a night

Last night was our Nokomis grand opening party and boy did we have a great time. So many friends came out to see us and we were really happy to finally and formally celebrate our move with the people we care about most. As with all parties involving Noko girls, things got a little wild towards the end (flooded boys bathroom anyone?) but for the most part we were all on our best behavior. The cupcakes were a hit (especially the vegan oreo ones--thanks Sara!), Sheri did an amazing job dj-ing, as always, and we even had ourselves a tiny dance party.

Here, for your viewing pleasure, are some polaroids the girls snapped throughout the evening. Thanks again to everyone who came out, and thank-you for letting us share with you something that is so special to us.

Here's Amanda, Julie-Anne, Jenn and Adeline mugging for the camera...

...And Genevieve, Miranda, Laurel and Tala

Oh look, here's Adeline, Tara and Amanda

Lookee, it's me having a private dance behind the front counter (I mostly just pretend to work)

Laurel shows what she's made of--and how polaroids can make it look like your feet are part of the floor

How hot are our staff?

Tala gets fiesty

Now she's doing a "clothing dance". She's nuts, I swear it

Whoops, she's not the only one. Here's Jessica and I attempting our own "clothing dance". We're so cool

And now we're having a real dance party. I love how Matt looks like he's swinging from the racks.

Here's Sheri in her black leather dress, finally getting a chance to par-tay at the end of the evening

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