Wednesday, February 20, 2008

spring has finally started!

a few looks from this week's new stock.

sunja link gold tunic for 98.
with nokomis party belt for 65.

dace jimena top for 146.
with house of spy pout skirt for 120.

juma empire bubble for 178.
with refine hollow leaf necklace for 120.

dace ria dress for 234.
with sunja link gathered blouse for 128.

preloved vinnet dress for 129.

dace julina dress for 226.
with preloved moga tunic for 159.
and nokomis party belt for 65.

house of spy babble dress for 169.

sunja link, princess top for 115.
with smoking lily galloping goose skirt for 74.
and jessie turner heart necklace for 122.

dace brisa dress for 206.
with bueno style skeleton key for 44.

bueno style floral cameo necklace for 48.

bueno style skeleton key necklace for 44.


Anonymous said...

Sorry. Look please here

miss vanilli said...

Don't do it! It's a trap!