Thursday, December 4, 2008

custom noko pillows

guess what? we made monogram pillows for you! cute, huh?

the velvet pillows are only $38 and can be ordered with the following letters:

A . C . E . J . K . L . M . P . R . S . T .

(sorry if your initial isn't in there, we had a really hard time choosing.)

the pillow also can be made to order in an olive/brown velvet, and they come with their own pillow insert (and a zipper, for ease of cleaning!).

if you are interested in placing an order for your special someone, stop by the store, or give us a call (really, email works too: and we'll get laurel to screen one for you. we will collect orders each week, and then give them to laurel on monday mornings, so she can have them done by the following thursday afternoon. cool? cool!

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