Wednesday, December 17, 2008

noko gift guide: under $30.

yikkes, christmas is just a week away! thankfully (for the first time ever) i have all of my shopping organized and finished! but i know what it's like trying to jam ideas and gifts together in the last few weeks and, as always, there are going to be those last minute gifts that you just need to pick up and move on your way to the next store. with a budget in mind, we've put together a few smaller priced items to help you on your way.

these adorable pillow covers come as a set in both natural and white linen
nokomis pillow covers, $30

an amazing little collection of short stories from some talented locals
here & noun book, $25

squared off mittens, in many colourful prints and patterns
smittens mittens, $29

yet another collaboration of local talent
display magazine, $10

sweet and simple
bueno style cameo pin, $12

1 comment:

mary. said...

i saw this after. i really like the pillow cases, whether you're done your shopping or not. help me buy them. please.