Wednesday, December 10, 2008

noko gift ideas: new mommies

my friends tara and nadia co-own a cafe in a tiny, rural manitoban town called kelwood. i don't get a chance to go out and see them very often; the last time was for nadia's wedding a couple years ago, but i know i need to make the trip again soon, both for a visit and to see tara's brand new baby boy(!) i like shopping for new moms and their pretty babies more than for just about anyone. i get so excited about tiny clothing, toys and books, and also gifts that i know a new mom could really appreciate and enjoy.

maybe you know someone, an aunt or a sister or friend perhaps, who's just had (or is about to have) a baby. i hope you find some inspiration in these gift ideas, i'm eyeing up a few of them myself.

i think every new mom (or new dad!) needs a soft pretty blanket in which to hold their little babu--especially when the weather dips below zero. this organic cotton blanket from jenna rose is the perfect size and so soft, a delightful gift for $80.

i was already in love with these anna zygowski hand-dyed rayon scarves before i figured out what a perfect fashion accessory/breast-feeding cover-up they'd be. the scarves are lovely and soft and so unique in their colours and designs. i know i'd be happy to get one, new mom or not. they sell for $140.

a nice gift for a mom-to-be is one of these permanent crease snap notebooks. here moms can record all their feelings about pregnancy, dreams for the future, name choices and how utterly upset they are they can't have a glass of wine or eat sushi for a year and a half--boo! we sell them for $33.

i betcha any mom (not just the new ones) would be pleased with this 'mum' crest necklace from pyrrha, $90.

even though babies can't read or write or understand english (or any other language for that matter) i still like to give gifts of books. there are books in my bookcase that were given to me before i could speak and which i now cherish more than any others. reading to a new baby is such an intimate experience and "sunny" is a wonderful book to read; it even comes with a free CD with original songs by destroyer. we sell it for $19.95.

new moms usually need to pamper themselves after all the hard work they've just been though. they're tired and experiencing new things daily and uncertain of what they should be doing. hey!, they still want to look and feel beautiful though! this 'wythe' dress from LnE, $222, is comfortable, practical, elegant and pretty. perfect for a new mom.

a stunning and unique gift is this recycled paper and reclaimed map mobile from as the crow flies, $50. i love that it's a piece which can be appreciated by adults and babies alike. it would easily make the transition from nursery to bedroom to kitchen or living room. i just love it.

of course one can't forget the babies are a few pieces sure to please kiddies and parents alike. clockwise, preloved 'jade' sweater, $130; nokomis onesie $24 & nokomis infant tee $18.

ok, but back to the's a great cozy sweater with a high buttoned neck that's just perfect for snuggling and nuzzling and loving-up. and it looks like a million bucks too! manureva sweater, eve gravel, $150.

one of the absolutely most-useful gifts to give to a new parent is a great diaper bag. though the words 'diaper' and 'bag' together don't necessarily bring to mind an object of great beauty i believe we've found an anomaly in this ashley waston 'large plover' bag, $380. a great multi-purpose purse, this recycled leather bag holds a ton(!) of stuff and will remain fashionable for many years to come. it makes me want to get pregnant right now. but don't tell my raymond that ok?

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jessica said...

maybe instead of a baby we could get a noko pet kitten!?!