Wednesday, September 2, 2009

complex geometries

we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the fall 09 collection from complex geometries. according to fedex, it is to arrive in the shop this afternoon. eeeeeiiii! here's a little teaser of what's on its way.

junction tee, grey

cross tube dress, mauve

shaft dress, (in black, rather than cream)

junction dress, black, with the fringe scarf (available in black, cream, charcoal and mauve (we totally couldn't make up our minds, so we went for it in every colour offered))

as well, there are few more styles, such as the split square tee (same as the one we had in the shop last season, in white and grey this time) and the binder strap tee (which our pals at victoire said it did super well for them, so we though we'd give it a whirl). come by and check it out well you can, complex never seems to last long on the racks.


jessica said...

yeah! it arrived!

Tala Kamea said...

Ooh la la! The fringe scarf dress looks wonderful. What's the scarf material?

jessica said...

hi tala! it's a wool jersey, and it's 72 bones. xox.

jessica said...

also: see you in two weeks, whoot whoot!