Thursday, September 10, 2009

tonight tonight!

the party is tonight, i hope you can all come! there is going to be so much cake! elizabeth, tara, and i all baked cakes, as did my mom. we're going to need help eating all of them. as well, the prizes from shanti, eden lily, and lux beauty are fantastic, i wonder if anyone would notice if i just slipped my name into the draw??? just joshing. see you soon!

p.s. this is my gluten-free vegan chocolate cake! yummy.


Tala Kamea said...

Om nom nom!

Looks delicious. I wish I could be there to eat all the cakes.

Oh, and to drink and dance and celebrate with all of you lovely ladies!


Ana said...

Thank you for a wonderful time. The strawberry shortcake was delightful. My Complex Geometries binder tee -- fabulous!

nokomis said...

you picked an awesome piece ana... of cake and clothing!