Friday, January 22, 2010

3 for 2! Whoa!

We're going to be wrapping up the Red Raven Sale soon, but you know what? We need to do a physical inventory count at the end of the month, and the less I have to count, the better. So . . . starting Friday January 22 all sale items will be buy two, get the third for free. Yes! Free! Lowest priced item, of course, but it's still one hell of a deal. Bring a friend, and fight over who gets the free item, or else get three rad items for your own wardrobe, it's up to you! The 3 for 2 runs until Thursday January 28th (when i get back from vegas! it's one of those car dealership sales: 'the boss is out of town, we're clearing out all our inventory' said in deep man voice over the radio).

Okay, so you're down for the 3 for 2, right? Yes!

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