Wednesday, January 20, 2010

why hello, stranger!

okay, i fell off the face of the interweb. sorry! just trying to keep the boat sailing smoothly, gearing up for so much fun spring excitment! and why do we have to wait months until we can ride our bikes, drink on the empress patio, picnic at harewlak park, and have crazy dance parties with the windows open!?! i want spring now! ahh. okay. fine, we can wait a few more months, because when it comes, we will embrace it with our entire hearts.

but, good news! we have spring stock! perhaps it's best to call them transitional pieces, but technically they are apart of designers spring collections. a small taste of what spring is going to bring, i suppose. we have Dace, Domino Jeans, tee's and scarves by Hand & Shadow, Supayana and the beautiful Regional Assemble of Text cards (awesome for any occassion: birthdays! valentines! butterflies in the stomach! new baby!). this also means that we have a full corner of the store dedicated solely to new stuff! check it out:

also, Preloved is shipping a whole wack of goodies asap, along with Allison Wonderland, Complex Geometries, and Lily & Jae. hang on, it's just around the corner.


Eden Lilly said...

eeeeek! pretty!

elizabeth said...

Damn I like those scarves. Any black Domino jeans in?

tara.e.gillespie said...

i think i might pop in to visit you guys tomorrow.
it's too hard to stay away!!