Monday, January 25, 2010

new tee shirts

my pal, and local illustrator, raymond biesinger dropped off some of his screen tee shirts last week.

this is raymond's own crest of edmonton (poop! rickets! vice!), available on white tee's for $30. we have men's sizes small to large, which is also perfect for the ladies who like them a little over sized. you can check out some of raymond's other work on his etsy site, or else follow him on his blog, the daily sentry.

is it wrong to have the same tee shirt as the dude you are dating? that's the only thing that's stopping me from owning my own crest of edmonton. what if we show up to some event both wearing it. what a potential fashion faux pas! maybe i'll have a talk with him to see if he'd be down with the advice i give friends who buy the same piece at the store: odds/evens custody. one friend gets to wear it on even days, the other odds. special permission can be granted for special events, of course, but that's the general rule. anyway, wish me luck, i really want one!

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