Monday, January 5, 2009

better late than never?

sweet heavens! we've been so bad about updating our blog over the holidays. we all needed a rest i think (and some of us even got to have one) but we're back to work now, busy as heck and ready to get stuff done. well, mostly anyhow.

in the meantime here are some photos from our x-mas party last month, debaucherous disaster that it was. and now we're in social hibernation for the rest of the winter.

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Victoire said...

Looks like a superfun party! And the gifts are wrapped so beautifully! Some of these pics are also kindof a mindfreak, cos in some pics Jess kinda looks like me (Reg), but Katie owns that same Hastings & Main dress, so it's like a weird "what would we look like combined into one superhuman" kinda thing.