Sunday, January 11, 2009


i've never been one for new years resolutions, inevitably i break them all anyway cause i just can't take such faux-dramatic and time-sensitive changes seriously. rather than setting myself up for failure i've decided that this year i'm going to work on new year's 'reclamations' instead. i plan on re-discovering those things with which i've had long-time love-affairs and that make me supremely happy.

dressing up more will be one, starting to draw again makes two. i also plan to read or re-read all those bibles of culture, fashion and excess from times past which have been sitting on my shelves for years (see: fitzgerald, waugh, rand, thackery, fielding etc) let's see how far i can regress into my late teens/early 20s. i'm going to eat everything, everything! i can. experiment with shades of blush and work on my hostess skills. i'm going to watch as many pre-1950 films as possible (especially pre-code, my favorite!). i'm going to pull out my dave cousins, collectors and stone poneys records and stock up on bubble bath. i plan to grow my hair.

before i embark on any of these activities however, i'm on a mission to watch every cyd charisse film i can get my hands on. for the uninitiated, here's a lesson in why ms. charisse makes a good start to any year.

as for the rest of my personal rediscovery, i'll keep you updated as the weeks and months progress.

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jessica said...

wow, that was an awesome clip. i'm going to come over and crash on your couch and watch more cyd charisse movies and eat eat eat with you one night. xo.