Monday, January 26, 2009

nokomis would like to welcome you to spring...

hurrah! it's spring! no, don't look outside silly, come visit us at the store where we've got new spring styles from nokomis (that's us!), as well as edmonton label cinder & smoke and toronto-based favorite preloved. from now on we'll be receiving new shipments on a semi-regular basis and we'll be sure to do lots of posts and photoshoots to show off our beauteous new goodies.

in the meantime, here's some photos of new nokomis pieces we've just put on the floor. our spring collection directly relates to memories of solitary sun-drenched summer visits to nana's house with days spent dressing up in her vintage clothing and escaping into one's imagination.

'harvest shirt', indigo cotton chambray $108

'morel tee' lyocell jersey in "moss" $75

'morel tee' in "mushroom"

'sarsparilla jeans' in pale grey denim $149

'thistle dress', lyocell jersey in "moss" $135

'thistle dress' in "mushroom"

ps. i stole the image of the poppy from my sister's blog, xo.


katie said...

these are wonderful! i'm really excited for this collection, i love the morel top especially

Jessica Rae Gordon said...

ooo, I like the looks of the last dress! You know I wear my beautiful blue swan dress every chance I get. It's an all time favorite.

rachel said...

The new collection looks great so far! Any idea where I can find the pants paired with the 'harvest' shirt?!

nokomis said...

rachel- sure do! they're called the 'wheat pant' and should be arriving (hopefully) late next week. they're also available in black.

rozzie said...

photos, models, and clothes are all absurdly beautiful.