Monday, January 19, 2009

mac attack

so last week jessica called me at the studio and our conversation went like this:

*ring* *ring*
-nokomis studio, liz speaking
-hey it's me
-hey, what's up?
-oh my god! guess what?!
-oh my god! did they find the fabric?!
-what? no. but fleetwood mac is coming to edmonton!!!!!!
-wow that's awesome, are you going?
-i bet tickets are expensive. (me being debbie downer)
-who cares? (she totally didn't say this, we had a whole conversation about how no one in their right mind should pay $150 for nosebleed seats, or something) i'm totally going and it's totally going to be f*cking awesome!
-i'm totally cheap so i'm totally not going! but i'm totally going to play rumors and have a stevie nicks fashion shoot at the store on monday (ok, i didn't say this at all, i just had the idea sunday night in fact, but i'm an 'artiste' and thus may take artistic license)
-what a great idea! i'll help out and then we can skip work and go eat cake (ok, at this point i'm totally making things up. jessica would never skip work to eat cake--she is a very hard worker)
-so they didn't find the fabric then huh?
-ok, bye

and voila! stevie-tastic!

body bag 'glam cami' on sale for $39 from $74, black denim 'andi jean' $89 down from $142, biko 'chain scarf wrap necklace' on sale for $71.20 from $89, bennie and olive belt on sale for $20 from $40 & bentwood buckle $28 down from $56, myrtle and pearls feather earrings $30, ashley watson 'small plover bag' $360

preloved 'shelly dress' on sale for $49 from $156, preloved 'amelia vest' on sale for $79 from $120, lisbeth 'waxed coin' necklace $69, alyzo peacock earrings $40

sunjalink 'silk baseball dress' $99 from $210, dagg and stacey 'danville skirt' $69 from $140, nokomis 'posh belt' $29 from $95 and myrtle and pearls feather earrings $30


jessica said...

i'm sooo excited!!! and i'm making you come with me, elizabeth! xo.

miss vanilli said...

hahaha! nicely done Eliz!

Please do more shoots like this all the time.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, E.


Victoire said...

awesome pics! and we debated going vs. not going forever too (they're coming to Ottawa as well!) - debating the same things as you guys, it would be so expensive, it just wouldn't be the same - until we finally decided that we were being silly and should just GO - but then alas there were no more "cheap" seats left! So don't do what we did, don't sleep on it - buy tickets now!!

charlotte falk said...

I miss you guys!!!! Come see Fleetwood Mac in Vancouver too so we can visit.



P.S. Also... please do tons more photo shoots like this!