Tuesday, March 16, 2010

buying trip!

one of the best parts of my job is buying. twice a year, once for fall and once for spring, i get to scour over designers collections looking for the perfect pieces to bring into the boutique. with over 60 designers in one shop, i have to hand select pieces that will mesh together and give the shop a cohesive vibe for each season. i'm currently in vancouver looking at fall 2010 collections and i head to toronto on wednesday to do the same.

tough job, but somebody's got to do it. unfortunately, not everyone gets to come:

ginger was a little miffed that she had to stay home. sorry kitty.

so far: so many pretty blazers and, also, shoulders are big for 2010. get ready ladies. whether it's tiny, subtle details or all out shoulder volume, it's coming. and so many great prints. it's ba-nanas. stay tuned!


Jenny McConnell said...

Call Me!!

mary. said...

that's a very cute kitty you have, miss