Monday, March 1, 2010

march first!

we made it! it's march! january and february often feel like they will never end, but march is here. and march always feels like the light at the end of the tunnel. in honour of this new month, kristena and i picked some cute spring outfits to share with you. 'cause you know what's right around the corner: spring! especially with this lovely weather we have been having!

allison wonderland beach ave dress, 189

preloved fe fe dress, 220 (okay, we actually just sold this particular one, but there are so many cute, one of a kind ones to choose from!)

dace jesper coat, 289
cici patch pocket pant, 120 (all cici pants have an amazing fit, for a great price too!)

serendipity grace kelly dress, 400. we only got in three of these dresses, and that's it, serendipity designer kelsey has no more of this fabric. we have sizes 4/6/8. and gosh, it's so darling.

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judith said...

Love those Allison Wonderland dresses!