Friday, March 19, 2010

give me mercy!

as my travels continue (i'm in toronto right now! plus 19! and i have a bike to scoot around on. i'm in heaven), i keep getting word from the girls back home about all of the new stock pouring in. i'm sure i'm forgetting something, but so far this week we have received: eve gravel, complex geometries, domino jeans, rita di cesare, allison wonderland, along with a few new lines such as josiane perron and grob. sheesh! what a great week to be away from the store: no steaming for me!

one other new line that we just received in the shop is toronto based mercy studio. i had the pleasure of meeting jennifer and richard yesterday in their downtown studio. mercy has been around for about 16 years, and this is the first season we're working together. check out some of their beautiful pieces for spring:

mercy tank dress, 280 (liberty of london print, 100% cotton, fully lined and also, the fabric is actually custom quilted, giving the dress a soft loftiness)

mercy shirt dress, 260, which is 100% linen from lithuania and again, so amazing to touch.

mercy is basically all about amazing cuts and sourcing the most beautiful fabrics from around the world. the fabric is always pretreated, so it's soft and wearable the day you take it home. and 99% of their line can be machine washed. we also got in a beautiful check blouse and a waxed cotton raincoat with horn buttons (that miranda loved so much she called me the instant she opened the box to let me know that she wants one). come by the shop this weekend to see this line for yourself. it's one that you really need to paw over.

okay, well i should go, i have a few more buying appointments today and then i was thinking about heading over to the preloved store. i smell trouble.


Ana said...

Sure. As soon as I leave the country, Complex Geometries is in your store. WAH!

Here's something quite amusing. Both Canadian customs and Japanese customs are in love with the Nokomis laptop carry-case I own.

It was cute enough to crack a smile on both customs officers in both countries. The usually stern looking customs officers in Japan actually turned around to wave down another customs officer to show off the laptop case in all of its cute glory.

nokomis said...

waa, that's a cute story ana! we'll miss you! best of luck with everything and see you when (?!) you return. xox.