Friday, March 26, 2010

new clothes!

complex geometries stifler sweater, 169
complex geometries sad rainbow tee, 84
domino kochi rips, 125

[confession: i own this outfit. and i plan to wear it everyday.]

the stifler sweater is cozy, has pockets and a hood and . . .

like most complex geometries pieces, can be worn a million different ways.

i also love my sad rainbow tee.

grob anna dress, 120

it has pockets! and a belt!

rita di cesare elena dress, 165

rita di cesare violette dress, 195

complex geometries sensor tank, 98 (also available in black)
eve gravel backlash pant, 156

mercy classic coat, 320

and if one were to ever elope to vegas, please buy this:

eve gravel charlotte dress, 220 (we just got two in, a small and medium)

and a big thank you to maryanne from osei-duro for the hot shades. they're from a giant thrift market in accra, ghana. apparently the knicknames for the market are: 'bend down boutique' and 'the dead-white man's market'. ha-ha, i love it!

and on that note: i just re-ordered more osei-duro, so a sigh of relief to all of you who missed the boat the first time. and a heads up to the lucky ones who scooped it up the first time, you just might want a different colour way. it should be about 1.5-2 weeks. i'll let you know as soon as it comes in!


Kerri said...

I would elope to Vegas just so that I could buy that dress!
Sadly though, I'm single, so I don't think it'll work out.

charlotte falk said...

Hot Stuff. You need to wear those sunglasses all the time... with that Eve Gravel Charlotte Dress!

Also, I really need to add some complex geometries to my wardrobe soon.

Tala Kamea said...

Looking so good Jessica! Love the shades too. You look so 60s chic.