Thursday, June 3, 2010

dara humniski

dara humniski, local artist (and one quarter of the industrial design extraordinaire collective loyalloot), dropped off some more of her beautiful jewelry at the shop.

dara thick loop necklace, 36 (made from brass)

dara thin loop necklace, 30

medium drop earrings, 42 (also available in small for 36).

copper v-necklace, 28

i love how clean and understated her pieces are, while still managing to be complete stunners (kinda like dara herself!). elizabeth has one of the loop necklace and everytime she wears it, she looks like a million bucks (okay, okay, she always looks like a million bucks, but you get my drift).

and since our sale is still going on, all her pieces are 10% off. see you soon!

1 comment:

elizabeth said...

It's true, I wear my necklace all the time and love it! My sis just bought her earrings and boy did they look stunning when she wore them today. Colour me ja-loooous. Best purchase of the season.