Tuesday, June 22, 2010

sense and sustainability

If you're looking for something interesting to check out, may I recommend the latest installation at the Human Ecology Department at the University of Alberta? Above is the poster for the grad studies installation, titled: Sense and Sensibility. It runs until October 3, so you have oodles of time to check it out.

It's a multisensorial exhibit on sustainability, and it even features the a few creations by Nokomis designers, such as Preloved and Ashley Watson, both who use recycled materials.

Taken from the installation statement: "Going green and sustainability are the new mantras of today. Urban culture has become globally pervasive. One is always beckoned to replace the old and aspire for the new. People have set themselves in a vicious cycle where they have to constantly update and renew to stay in vogue. Its this culture sustainable? What does it say about those who follow rituals of disposal?"

I found it thought provoking, and enjoyed seeing styles we have sold in the realm of an exhibition. Check it out!

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