Monday, June 21, 2010

wedding season!

and the red raven sale continues! still lots of pretty pieces to pick from. and since i love sales so much, i'm extending the discount on jewelry/bags/shoes for another week! all things with percentages off will be on sale until june 27th! ya! (ie. 10% off pyrrha! 20% off ashley watson and erin templeton!)

we've had lots of customers in recently looking for the perfect something to wear to weddings this summer. i myself have two wedding to attend this summer (and thankfully one of them is in the mountains! road trip!) and i was recently looking through my closet trying to figure out what to wear. so if you're in the same boat as me, check out these suggestions!

dagg and stacey baggara dress, reg: 230, sale: 169. sizes xs/s/L

back detail

pyrrha wisdom pearl necklace, $314 and 10% off till sunday

noko vintage shows, reg: 25, sale: 19 (until sunday), size 8-ish

eve gravel pretty woman dress, reg: 205, sale: 149, sizes s/L

toodlebunny hummingbird teardrop locket, $89 plus 25% off!

noko vintage shows, reg: 25, sale: 19, size 6-ish

dace brie top, reg: 144, sale: 89, sizes m/L
noko budapest skirt, reg: 98, sale: 39, last one! size 8

anna de courcy small antique coin, 160, 25% off

noko vintage shows, reg: 25, sale: 19, size 7.5-ish

anastasia lomonova lila dress, reg: 349, sale: 199, last one! size small

milicent quartz necklace, $48 plus 25% off

noko vintage shows, SOLD!

snoflake love in the afternoon, reg: 230, sale: 149, sizes xs and m

biko charm necklace, 79 and 10% off

noko vintage shows, reg: 25, sale: 19, size 8-ish

so remember that the shoes and the jewelry is only discounted until sunday, and the clothes are marked down until they're all gone!

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