Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Henderson Dry Goods (HDG)

The lovely and talented Alex Henderson, of Henderson Dry Goods, shipped some new goodies to the store last week. I squeeled like christmas morning when Kristena and I opened the package. So many treasures!

HDG etched squared hand mirror, 250

HDG wall mirrors, 250 each (the one on the left is 6" x 11" and the one on the right is 2 7/8" x 18 " and we also have a circular one arriving in two weeks, which is 6 inches round, for $230).

HDG portrait necklaces, $135 each. They come in a variety of lenghts: 20-24 inches; all chains are oxidized sterling silver. The Victorian portraits are laser etched on to gold dyed Walnut veneer plywood, and then finished with a water-based laquer.

HDG mirror stud earrings, 60. Laser cut acrylic mirror set into solid walnut, finished with a natural oil.

HDG mirror pendant, $125. Silver chain, 28".

HDG floral earrings, $70. Laser cut Walnut, finished with natural oil.

HDG Geometric necklace, $130, about 15-16" in length and, again, laser cut Walnut.

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