Tuesday, June 15, 2010

sale time!

thanks to everyone who came out to the first weekend of the red raven sale! it was a lot of fun, as always. and we still have lots of stock to choose from, and lots of great deals to be had. basically, the racks are still full! as a retailer, i don't think i'm supposed to like sales as much as i really do. i love sales! i get to sell off old merchandise and you get great deals. a win-win! check out some of the pieces still up for grabs:

nokomis joan of arc top, reg: 120, sale: 49
biko bow necklace, $106 (plus 10% off until june 20)

the joan of arc top also comes in a grey plaid, sizes 6/8/12 are available. in the blue check sizes 6/8/10/12 are currently available.

nokomis grasshopper dress, reg: 205, sale: 89
pyrrha 'P' initial pendant, 119 (and 10% off until june 20)

the grasshopper dress came in two colours, the moth colour (above) and an ash colour. we currently have sizes 4/6/8/10 in the moth and 6/8/10 in the ash.

dace breille dress, reg: 220, sale: 149
henderson dry goods necklace, $130 (plus 10% off, until, you guessed: june 20)

we have sizes xs, s and m in the blue and one black large available.

cinder + smoke calla dress, reg: 180, sale: 99 (sizes 6/8/10)
bueno style love letter necklace, 48 (which sold last night, shortly after this photo was taken, sorry to be a tease)

nokomis marshall dress, last one! reg: 210, sale: 129, size 6
lisbeth necklace, $79 and 25% off until june 20th.

see? lots of deals! we'll post some more photos shortly!

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Ana said...

I can't wait to get back for the marshall dress! No ocean will stop me!