Friday, December 17, 2010

gift guide and new stock!

we may be closing up at the end of january, but christmas is still a comin'! we've received a ton of new goodies from our favourite pals. take a look:

dara medium loop earrings, 42
dara small loop earrings, 36

dara hoop earrings, 36

dara smokey earrings, 24
dara copper pipe earrings, 32
dara copper chain bead earrings, 28

dara copper pipe earrings, 32

dara bent copper earrings, 24

mjol & mjolk scarve, 40

maked wild toque, 66
maked snake scarf, 99
maked mutt mitts, 108

veekee desk calendar, 20
veekee delux agenda, 45
veekee agenda, 40

cinder + smoke anna dress, 138

biko locket, 79

cinder + smoke sara dress, size 10 only, 142

Biko Charm Necklace, 79

cinder + smoke katia dress, 124
erin templeton obi belt, 88
erin templeton small tote, 259

cinder + smoke georgia top (medium only), 82
preloved jules skirt, reg: 160 sale: 119

anna de courcy large antique coin necklace with padlock clasp 220

ashley watson plover, 380

cinder + smoke alex top, 108
available in red in xs and medium and in grey in small and medium

maked broken dress, 168
anna de courcy antique FOB with antique pocket watch chain drop, 300

maked draw dress, small only, 136
erin templeton obi belt, 68

fridget cardigan, 120

fridget square top, 90

fridget tunic dress, 180
anna de courcy pine cone necklace, 200

maked rabbit scarf, 169 (waaaa!)

fridget sleeveless tunic, 180
dace leigh blouse, 185
anna de courcy antique spoon, 280

so many beautiful treasures! come by soon to check them out. and if you are looking around for presents for pals and find something for you, our recommend ratio is 1:1. one for some bunny and one for you!



Joyce Byrne said...

I bought the yellow owl scarf as a Christmas gift and came back for the blackbirds but they were all gone. Do you have a link for the designer's own site?

nokomis said...

hi joyce, gabe wong made those scarves, and he is completely out of the black one (it actually had buffalo on it).

here is his website:

Joyce Byrne said...

Ahhh - now I see the buffalo. Horns, not beaks.

Gabe has done illustrations for our magazines, I don't know how I missed that on the label lol!

Thanks for the info and best wishes with the closing and future.