Friday, December 3, 2010

holiday gift ideas

December is finally here! It feels like we completely skipped over November. Anyways, for those of us who aren't keeners and haven't started our Christmas shopping yet I guess its officially time to get down to business! To get you in the mindset of the month (because to me it still doesn't feel like Christmas) we complied a list of gift ideas that hopefully gets your gears going.

First off, check out our cute Christmas tree! The very feminine Charlie Brown Christmas tree.

Decorated with Henderson Dry Goods Ornaments, 7

Cute little Bennie and Olive change purses, only 15

Nokomis Throw Pillows, 39; Velvet Pillows, 45

Perfect little gift for friends that's cute and under $20!
Nokomis Soy Candles, 18

Preloved Mittens and Scarves!
Sally Snood Scarf, 39
Maddie Scarf, 38

Perfect Stocking stuffers or gifts to send away to loved ones
Preloved Mittens, 21

Regional Assembly of Text Calendars, 21

We all love these pillow cases here at the shop. Absolutely adorable Heather M. Hair Pillowcases, 30

The perfect winter cardigan
Preloved Miss Ellie Sweater, 145

Jewelery is always a safe bet for Christmas and I'm pretty sure a Pyrrha necklace would make any girl happy. We have tons to choose from in the shop but its always better to come a little earlier to get your pick.
Anchor and Butterfly, 110
Fox Head, 160
Heron Crest, 235

Rachel F. Saguenay Hat with recycled Norwegian fox fur, 235

Ruby Feather Earrings ranging from 45-85

Toodles Earrings ranging from 22-34

Biko Magnifier Necklace, 136

Engraved on one side is "Ross London"

Features a retractable magnifying loupe

Biko limited edition kaleidoscope necklace, 149

This necklace features an antique, refurbished and fully functioning miniature kaleidoscope, hailing from England and dating back to the 50s

Hope this helps in your search for the perfect gift for friends and loved ones!


Ana said...

What size is that Ellie sweater??

Amy Lauree said...

I am also coming for some Toodlebunny earrings. Oh yes.

nokomis said...

ana! the sweater is a medium! xox.

Anonymous said...

love the pink tree! and those pillow cases by heather!

Victoire said...

omg, so much to love in this post! Those pillow cases, and the Nokomis Atlantic print pillows (oh how we loved that print!!), the Henderson Dry Goods ornaments - such great stuff! And seeing your pink tree reminds me that it's probably time for us to put ours up - man, time flies!!

Krystin said...

I'll be picking myself up some of those sweet mittens.
And, would you let me know where you found those adorable pink Christmas trees? I'm in love with them...

elizabeth said...

I STILL love the Atlantic fabric. I'm going to see if you'll sell me some when I'm home for christmas.


Annie said...

Do you still have the Heron Crest by chance? If so, would you be able to send me a closer photo of it? Thanks!